Diversity in Hitting by Rob Crews

Diversity in Hitting by Rob Crews

Honestly, it is so much deeper than hitting mechanics. I have never been stuck on swings. I don't argue about mechanics. If someone is teaching something crazy and it works, God bless them. The world needs more innovation anyway. Every hitter is different so why would I want to teach everybody the same exact thing. That would be stupid. Seriously. In reality, every hitter has a natural swing. I allow hitters to do what they naturally want to do, then add that to what I believe and what has worked. Sometimes hitters are successful doing things I hate, but who am I to argue with success? I let them do it if it works. If it doesn't work, then we figure out what will work. Sometimes that takes an hour, and sometimes that takes years. But I have never given up on a hitter, even if they give up on themselves. It's a never- ending process -a roller coaster. Here is a quote from my new book (coming soon).

"...a hitter's ability to visually-mentally record a pitcher's delivery and synchronize the replay with his own timing system. And because every pitcher's delivery is different and every hitter's timing system is unique, the two must be synchronized. The better hitters have a gift or special talent for timing or synchronization of their own timing system with the delivery of each pitcher they face. We are now perfecting better ways to help hitters understand and execute this process faster."  -Rob Crews

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