Change and Pain by Rob Crews

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When the pain and discomfort of not changing becomes worse than the pain of changing -that's usually when people are ready to change. 

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Losing is Fair by Rob Crews

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The one thing I must say about losing is that it is fair. That's right -losing is fair. If you lose, that means someone else won. Someone else was better than you or perhaps you beat yourself. If you are a motivated person, the loss can motivate you. Or it can devastate you to the point where you cannot find it within yourself to come back. Losing can teach us how to overcome and how to respond. 

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Vision Training:  A Mental OR Physical Process? By Rob Crews

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Vision in Sports Performance can fall into a 4-part mental process. That's right I said MENTAL. I know the eyes are muscles and some people want to do eye exercises to make them stronger (if that’s even possible). But the 4-part process is actually mental, not as physical as we would like to believe. We have destroyed so many hitters by making it all about the physical, while minimizing the mental plane -let's not do the same thing with vision. Check out the four-part process:

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Understanding the Cognitive Process in Hitting by Rob Crews

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Developing a better understanding of the actual process involved in hitting is crucial to self-improvement as a hitter or hitting coach. If the sequence below is true, then recognition is king among focus topics in training for hitting and most sports where reaction is the major factor in performance. Let's take a look at the sequence of the Fantastic Four: 

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The Perfect Collision By Rob Crews

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"The visual process involved in the recognition phase is really about what information your physical eyes are able to match with what the memory or the mind’s eye can replay."

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So last night I tossed and turned in a futile attempt to goto sleep. I never struggle with sleep, but last night was crazy and here is what caused it! I did something I never do and that is creep around on the internet and look at what other people are doing in the Sports Vision World. Let me tell you that I was very disgusted. I couldn't believe what I saw and further more I couldn't believe that intelligent people are falling for the hustle of some of these so-called vision training experts. I talked myself out of writing this blog/exhortation because I was taught not to write from an emotional state, but I had to do this today. I just could not let it go. People who know me, know that when no one else was talking about vision and hitting, I was. That was almost 15 years ago, so I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable. Let's just say that what Complete Game is doing in Sports Vision is like Apple and this other stuff is like Blackberry. I am not sure why BB still makes phones. In fact, I had hoped the rest of the sports world would have perhaps progressed a little more than they have. Maybe I missed something or perhaps there's more out there somewhere and I missed it. 

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Diversity in Hitting by Rob Crews

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Honestly, it is so much deeper than hitting mechanics. I have never been stuck on swings. I don't argue about mechanics. If someone is teaching something crazy and it works, God bless them. The world needs more innovation anyway. Every hitter is different so why would I want to teach everybody the same exact thing. That would be stupid. Seriously. In reality, every hitter has a natural swing. I allow hitters to do what they naturally want to do, then add that to what I believe and what has worked. Sometimes hitters are successful doing things I hate, but who am I to argue with success? I let them do it if it works. If it doesn't work, then we figure out what will work. Sometimes that takes an hour, and sometimes that takes years. But I have never given up on a hitter, even if they give up on themselves. It's a never- ending process -a roller coaster. Here is a quote from my new book (coming soon):

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The Anatomy of a Power Hitter by Rob Crews

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Here are 3 reasons why just about everyone in softball should/could be a power hitter:

  1. The BATS are ridiculously juiced up.

  2. The FENCES are unbelievably short.

  3. There aren't that many dominant PITCHERS (mainly because there are too many teams).

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Effective Batting Practice

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Passion and energy must accompany focus when you are getting your reps in. I feel like too many hitters are working hard but are not necessarily getting better. In Tee Work you should feel your errors right away. It should bother you enough to want to fix them. If not, you'll be slow to improve. 

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